Haddon estate



Mining and quarrying has been a primary industry for this part of Derbyshire for many hundreds of years. Rich in minerals and quality stone, many of the villages such as Alport and Youlgreave were mining villages. Lead mining was particularly important until finally exhausted, but remains of the lead mining infrastructure are now part of the built history of Derbyshire.

Today the Estate has interests in two quarries: Shining Bank, a limestone quarry primarily for roadbuilding; and Dale View which produces high quality Derbyshire "Gritstone" building stone. These quarries provide employment, and vital income for the Estate.

Shining Bank quarry is nearing the end of its life and is being gradually restored. Quarries, particularly the sheer cliff faces, provide fantastic habitat for nesting birds.
The quarry is still being worked, but a pair of Peregrine Falcons have successfully nested there for many years.

Right: Lead smelt works, River Lathkill