Haddon estate





7 ½ miles. Double Bank. Dry Fly Only. Day Ticket. No beats. Heaven.
Tickets are let through the Peacock at Rowsley and can be fished by day or on a yearly basis. The season runs from April 1st until October 7th with a high season around the mayfly hatch. Our river isn’t special for those mayflies though; most rivers have those. We are known for our superb Blue Winged Olives and the subsequent evening rises they inspire amongst the fish. The farmland alongside the Wye is either in-hand or let to complementary farmers, benefiting the river. Large hatches of Large Dark Olives kick the season off, followed by the hawthorn, marching with the May, with the BWO taking over until the sedges and stoneflies take us through to the close. The spring spawning wild rainbows are only found here and are perfect bed partners for our wild browns and grayling